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tv   FOX19 Now  FOX  January 29, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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that resulted in the consequences that you've seen." kara vo for the first time, we are getting a look at the deadly shootout connected to the occupation of a federal wildlife refuge in oregon. rob vo two kentucky troopers go the extra mile --- during lst weekend's blizzard to help a cancer patient. sot full "let's address the elephant not in the room tonight. donald trump has chosen not to attend." kara vo republican presidential hopefuls debate the issues without the frontrunner... but donald trump continued to dominate part of the event. kara 2 shot
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rob 2 shot williams... look at the forecast with meteorologist catherine bodak. during the morning hours, the scattered wintry mix will taper off. this afternoon, temperatures will be around average with skies becoming partly cloudy. mild temperatures are in the forecast on both weekend days. both saturday and sunday daytime highs will be in the 50s with showers in the forecast by breaking now police are investigating after police are investigating after stomach in winton terrace... to kings run court a-m.. but we're told happened about it's not clear what led up to the incident... the 28-year-old man was taken to u-c medical center, he o-k.
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new this morning... a strange story out of hamilton... police there investigating after a woman was found naked near a cemetary. neighbors called 9-1-1 after seeing a woman with no clothes on --- near greenwood cemetary. police tell us --- officers took a rape report and are investigating the possible assault. also new this morning... a convicted arsonist is found guilty of sexually abusing a child under 12 years old. kenton county commonwealth attorney rob sanders says a jury recommmended life in prison for ronald lee king. the 52-year-old is already serving 20 years for a shooting and fire in covington. he shot a person in the arm then intentionally set a fire at a mobile home on amber drive in 20-14. sanders said the child victim came forward about the sexual abuse while king was in jail for the arson. thomas more college has fired its campus safety director after police arrest him for having child porn. 52-year old robert marshall is facing nearly 40-counts of child porn and could get 20-years behind bars.
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graphic images on his home computer. he will be arraigned on monday and right now sits in jail happening today people from across the the university of cincinnati today... to talk about race and policing. our sara celi is live on campus with more on what will conference. live experts from around the country... and cincinnati's police chief... taking about race and policing during a confernce that starts today. this weekend's events also include lemme, who served as cincinnati's city manager during the 2001 riots. the event kicks off today at 12:30 at the tangeman university center. topics for the conference include: institutional racism, law enforcement and representation... racial profiling... the state of police community relations... policing black girls and women's bodies... and immigration policy. this conference... held against the backdrop of the ongoing sam dubose case... in with uc police officer ray tensing has been charged with murder... tensing shot dubose during a traffic stop last summer.... the university recently settled a lawsuit with dubose's family... paying them 5.3 million dollars. live charles jones, a uc political science professor, worked with several other academics to bring this conference to uc.
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until we are all enjoying spring like temperatures.. catherine joins us with a look at the day ahead. during the morning hours, the scattered wintry mix will taper off. this afternoon, temperatures will be around average with skies becoming partly cloudy. mild temperatures are in the forecast on both weekend days. both saturday and sunday daytime highs will be in the 50s with showers in the forecast by sunday evening. today: am mix
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cloudy. high: 38 tonight: partly low: 31 saturday: mild. high: 52 developing after high: 55 carstar toss to denise for traffic
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lane closures on p.m., followed by closures at 11 p.m. the ramp from sr i-75 will also be a planned parenthood clinic in louisvile under fire ---- kentucky parenthood clinic in louisvile under fire ---- kentucky governor matt bevins says health workers are performing illegal abortions there. they are unlicensed they are doing it knowingly and they are going to be brought to justice on this front the new planned parenthood began offering non surgical abortions last week instead of referring the women to another health clinic. governor bevin says that violates state law. planned parenthood, however, says it is operating legally. happening today happening today...
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held on a new office building for cincinnati children's hospital medical center. construction will begin on vernon ii on vernon place... it's that hospital's commitment to the avondale neighborhood. also today... a new flying j travel center is set to open in warren county. the truck stop is located just off i- 71 on state route 350 in lebanon. company officials say the 9-million dollar travel center brings 70- new jobs to the area. two kentucky state troopers go the extra mile to help a cancer patient during the weekend's blizzard. a patient at the u-k markey cancer center was scheduled for a chemo treatment last friday, but couriers were unable to get the necessary medication from louisville. so one state trooper picked up the medication, drove to frankfort, then handed it off to another trooper... who drove it to lexington. it took five hours to complete the normally 90 minute drive, but everyone agreed- it was well worth it. "timing is everything with these patients, because if they miss a dose, then they can be off days. and days is essential to them." "it was a single mother that raised me. this is kind of a way of her saying, hey, do something good, for
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while i was in the hospital." the hospital showed their appreciation for the troopers by treating them to kentucky's basketball game wednesday night. last weekend's blizzard was pretty massive... how it stacks up to other blizzards -- we will take a closer look at the totals. plus... the show goes on without donald trump... but he was just three miles away... details on the debate drama just ahead. levee cam meteorologist catherine bodak has your storm tracker forecast... coming up. nats i got chills only two more days until grease live you can see the 1978 movie come alive in your living room.. sunday night -- at 7 only on fox19 now.
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blizzard is officially the fourth most powerful snowstorm to hit the northeast in more than 60 years. that's according to the national oceanic and atmospheric administration, which announced the storm's ranking on the northeast snowfall impact scale.
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this storm affected nearly 103-million people and covered about 434,000 square miles in 26 states. rob & wx chat toss to wx during the morning hours, the scattered wintry mix will taper off. this afternoon, temperatures will be around average with skies becoming partly cloudy. mild temperatures are in the forecast on both weekend days. both saturday and sunday daytime
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50s with showers in the forecast by sunday evening. today: am mix tapers by 7am. decreasing clouds. becoming partly cloudy. high: 38 tonight: partly cloudy. low: 31 saturday: increasing clouds. mild. high: 52 sunday: showers developing after 6pm. mild. high: 55 carstar
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carstar bridge work requires single southbound i-75 at double lane all lanes reopen by 562 to southbound closed from 9 p.m. until 6 a.m. you decide 2016 the final republican the final republican presidential debate before the iowa caucuses went on as scheduled -- and without donald trump. even though trump wasn't there... he still dominated part of the event. jordan vilines is
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seven republican candidates stood stage -- with the missing. but that didn't stop anyone at the event name. fox news anchor megyn kelly was one of the moderators of the event. she addressed trump's absence head-on by asking the audience and viewers to address the the room. candidates also did mentioning trump. "i'm a maniac and is stupid, fat, and ugly. and ben, you are a terrible surgeon. now, that we've gotten the donald trump portion out of the way." "it's not about donald trump, he's an entertaining guy, he's the greatest show on earth." meanwhile, donald trump was also in iowa putting on an event for veterans but not everyone supported him hosting that event. i'll tell you more about that in the next half hour. back to you. the democratic presidential hopefuls were also out in iowa in
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hillary clinton held events in keokuk and newton... while bernie sanders hosted rallies in des moines and fairfield. a monmouth university survey just released, found clinton taking 47 percent support in iowa... sanders, 42- percent, the f-b-i has now released video of the violent confrontation involving oregon protesters... we've edited out the portion where a man is shot to death. the video was shot from a helicopter on tuesday night... as authorities arrested several people on a desolate stretch of highway. lavoy finicum was killed during the incident-- he was one of the more vocal protesters who took over the wildlife refuge earlier this month. a law enforcement official says officers opened fire when finicum reached toward his waistband. bretzing says: "he did make some comments to the troopers when they got out of the car yelling at them." "yes, as is seen in the video, he makes a movement towards in the inside right panel of his jacket where there was located a loaded
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the f-b-i says they've released the video because they want to be transparent.. four people are believed to be still inside the refuge. new this morning new this morning... one of the people arrested in connection with the jailbreak in southern california... worked at the prison as a teacher. officials say she taught english classes to one of the escapees... but they're still working to determine the extent of the relationship. the trio escaped one week ago. at this point, there's no confirmation that she brought tools into the jail, she's denying having brought the tools but what we do know, is that she provided google maps, those types of things to prepare for the escape. the woman has denied the allegations. officials say they now believe the escapees may be driving a stolen g- m-c savannah utility van. paul kantner, an original member of the 1960s rock group jefferson airplane has died. he stayed with the band through its
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from hippies to hit makers as the eventual leader of successor group jefferson starship. kantner died of organ failure and septic shock. he was 74. caitlyn jenner has settled a civil lawsuit connected to a fatal multi- vehicle crash last year. jenner's attorney says the wrongful death suit has been dismissed, but declined to elaborate. the olympic gold medalist was not criminally charged in last year's chain reaction crash that left one woman dead. lawsuit from another driver involved in the crash. leonardo dicaprio met with pope francis at the vatican... the two share a common interest -- saving the environment. according to vatican radio, dicaprio gave the pontiff a book of art from a dutch renaissance painter. at the end of the meeting, dicaprio kissed the pope's ring and speaking in italian, thanked him for meeting with him.
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some time outside! catherine is tracking a warmup next. plus... a cold case could be heating up... details on an f-b-i raid... connected to the 20-11 disappearance of an indiana university student. "fox19 now never stops. take us with you wherever you go. download the fox 19 weather now app for live street level radar in your neighborhood. and lightning tracker warns you the instant lightning is detected near you. search fox 19 weather now in the app store or google play weather now anim during the morning
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scattered wintry this afternoon, be around average with skies becoming temperatures are both saturday and sunday daytime highs will be in the sunday evening.
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decreasing clouds. becoming partly cloudy. high: 38 tonight: partly cloudy. low: 31 saturday: increasing clouds. mild. high: 52 sunday: showers developing after 6pm. mild. high: 55 carstar bridge work requires single lane closures on southbound i-75 at requires single lane closures on southbound i-75 at sr 562 beginning at 8 p.m., followed by double lane closures at 11 p.m. all lanes reopen by 5 a.m. tomorrow. the ramp from sr 562 to southbound i-75 will also be closed from 9 p.m. until 6 a.m. happening today
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happening today across the nation... a judge is scheduled to decide whether the 'affluenza' teen will be held at a juvenile facility or moved to an adult jail. ethan couch arrived in texas yesterday after being deported from mexico. violating his stemming from a wreck that killed four people. happening today happening today indiana state police state's anthropologist for a death investigation. human remains were discovered near the banks of the ohio river in harrison county. remains are that of a male or female. police are searching for an "armed and
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indiana. eric moots is accused of robbing a bank at gunpoint.. after stealing weapons from a home. officers found his car, but are still searching for him. happening today happening today across the tri- state... the outdoor adventure expo kicks off at the sharonville convention center. more than 130 exhibitors will be there for the event.. which goes through sunday. dinosaurs are taking over the duke energy convention center! jurassic quest features realistic life-size dinosaurs, fossil digs, a science station and rides. you can check it out tonight through sunday. a car buried for years in local yard.... has been unearthed... what we're learning about the case.
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